Lot 39 David Lloyd Blackwood (1941- )

Etching and aquatint; signed, titled, dated 1999 and numbered 65/75 in pencil to margin

19.8" / 50.2cm (height) x 31.7" / 80.6cm (width)

Est. $2500/3500
Realised: $7440
Auction Date: 10/06/2016

Provenance: Edward Day Gallery, Kingston & Toronto

Literature: Katharine Lochnan, Black Ice: David Blackwood Prints of Newfoundland, 2011, p.1

Note: Canada’s own native son of the etching process, June Visit Home offers the nostalgia of David Blackwood’s Newfoundland home. “No one has captured that spectacular landscape more brilliantly: the starkness, monumentality and the breadth of vision of the etchings continue to resonate with me just as strongly three and a half decades later” – Katharine Lochnan from Black Ice: David Blackwood Prints of Newfoundland (p. 1) Working mostly from memory, Blackwood’s scenes evoke feelings associated with the locations he displays, a narrative storytelling articulated by simplified imagery. Once the inspiration is fully developed, Blackwood then sets to drawing the composition on a piece of paper, working one section at a time, giving his etchings full and complete renderings. There is a real sense of calm and reflection, caught through the artist’s lens in June Visit Home– an enticing outward looking perspective pairs with the delights of the summer season in full bloom, their zenith emboldened by their delicate colourful rendering of blue, orange and green. While in the background, the far off, frigid icebergs are equally making their presence known. The symmetry of this composition is also soothing with the semi-circular shapes of the rocks, forming a small pond, that complements the similarly shaped cloud formation. The beauty of the Newfoundland coast and the idyllic Canadian seascape is enchanting to behold.

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